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System Overview

Client User Interface - Quickview

This is the main Studio interface, below you can find a brief explanation for each icon and panel. for more information about the main studio interface read User Guide - the Basics

Erizos Studio main user interface

  1. Studio "file" tab:

    Icon Description
    Show manager
    Import Templates
    Clear/Stop Renderer
    Cleanup Renderer
    Initialize Playlist
  2. Studio other applications :

    Icon Description
    UI Builder


    When using Studio web app the other applications will be under

  3. Show UI panel. This will only appear if you have create a Show UI for the selected show

  4. Playlist panel
  5. Preview panel
  6. Engine controls
  7. Page properties
  8. Profile selector
  9. Engines status
  10. Show Name
  11. General information:

    Icon Description
    Agent: Instant Cache toggle
    License information
    Notifications. Version number
  12. Live Control toggle