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Common issues and Troubleshooting

License not found or expired

If you open Erizos Studio (by navigating to http://[server IP]:5550) and you are greeted by a window that states that there are no licenses installed, or that they are expired.


  • License expired

    License expired

  • License missing

    License missing

First you should check if the licenses are installed. You can see if the licenses are installed in C:\ProgramData\Erizos\Licenses. If you need help installing Erizos License, please proceed to installing Erizos License.

If the licenses are installed and not expired that means Erizos Server was installed before installing the licenses, and the Erizos Studio Server service should be restarted. To restart Erizos Server you can:

  1. Click on “Restart Server” in the error window
  2. Restart the service from the Task Manager → Services tab, right click the Erizos Studio Server service and choose restart how to restart