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Settings: Working with Preview


The Preview option for Erizos Studio is available only while using the desktop app and is not available on the web application


Erizos Studio Client offers users a comprehensive graphics preview experience.

When a local version of the rendering engine is present on the same machine as Erizos Studio Client, the Client will display a realtime preview. It is being displayed inside the Preview window, as indicated in the screenshot below.

If the render engine is not available locally, or if local preview settings are disabled, the Client facilitates a 'snapshot' preview. This is made possible through a Remote Preview Engine, if one is configured in the settings.

In the image below, The marked panel indicates the dynamic preview of the Unreal Engine. This preview updates in real-time, providing an accurate representation of your graphics.

The layout of all panels on this screen is customizable, enabling you to adjust the preview screen's size according to your requirements.

preview window

Live Local Preview

Erizos Studio displays all configured rendering engines on the machine where you're using the client. You have the option to enable or disable specific engines for preview within the Local Preview Settings window.

local preview

Live Preview

When Live Control is on, data will be sent instantly to the preview engine. Changes made to elements in the scene will be visible in Studio preview panel.
When turned off, no data will be sent to the preview engine, up until the preview Take-in button is clicked, or the shortcut for preview is used.

You can turn off Erizos Studio Live Control by changing the value at the dropdown located at the Preview Bar:

You will find the Live Control dropdown here: