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System Overview


Term Meaning
Channel A channel is an output that represents hardware - Videowall, AR, etc..
each output has render engine configured into it to work with the hardware
Combo Template Inside the Template browser you can create a single template out of two existing templates and create instances of that combo template (pages) with ease. those new templates are call Combo Template
for more information: Combo template
Group A group is an element in the playlist that can contain pages.
Fill-in Form The fill-in form is the User Interface component that allows the user to change the content of a page.
On-Air / Play mode Each renderer has it own terminology for this mode, but in essence this is when the engine is out of “design mode” and in "show mode".
For Unreal it will be Play mode - by clicking the play button in the toolbar on top, for Vizrt it will be the On-Air button on the top right, etc..
Page A Page is an instance of a template, also known as the payload.
A page is not a duplication of a template, instead it is the data which is then sent with the template to the render engine and is used to populated the exposed fields of the template.
this is the only element that can be taken On Air
Playlist A Playlist, also sometimes known as a “rundown”, belongs to a show, and contains pages. Each show can have multiple playlists
Profile A profile is defined by its output channels and the render engines configured to it.
Usually a profile is created per studio, based on the different screens, monitors and other hardware..
Render Engine / Renderer The Renderer is a graphic engine, another software that is in charge of compiling the graphic data and provides an output that can be shown on a monitor.
Erizos studio is created to work with many rendering engines, such as: Unreal engine, Vizrt, Singular and more.
For a full list of compatible engines see the info box below.
Scene A scene is built in the design software of the relevant graphics system.

For Unreal Engine or Pixotope: At those engines a scene is a Level, it can be one level, or a part (layer) of a combination of scenes created with the Control Layer component found in the Erizos Unreal Engine Plugins.
For Vizrt: A scene is built in Viz Artist, It can be a single scene, or a foreground transition logic scene.
For Singular: A scene is a Singular Composition, it can be a single composition or a part (layer) or a combination of scenes (sub compositions).
Show A show is the main component that contains all the content, like playlists, templates, pages, etc...
Usually you would create a Show in Erizos Studio for each Television show, therefore creating a separation in content.
For example, your Morning Show will have graphics that are different to your Sports Show, so these would be represented in Erizos Studio with two Shows: “Morning Show” and “Sports Show”.
Show Manager symbolled by the icon in Studio main interface, Show manager is Studio browser for different shows.
inside the show manager you can create and delete shows or import, export and rename existing shows.
Template A template is a pre-made component that can be modified in each of its instances.
Templates are based on:
in Vizrt - scene
in Unreal engine - a level.
in Singular-a Composition.
Templates are created by Erizos Studio on-the-fly while importing it to Erizos Studio and are used to create pages that are added to a playlist for playout.
A template can be based on one or several scenes (known as a combo template).
Template Manager symbolled by the icon in Studio’s main interface, template manager is a browser for templates. Inside the show manager you can import new pages into your show based on existing templates (that can be created automatically based on levels or scenes in your rendering engine).
Inside the template manager you can find the template browser, which allows you to import pages from templates that are not under the current show.


Erizos studio is compatible to work with the following engine (can also be found under advanced setting -> renderers):

  1. Unreal engine
  2. Vizrt
  3. Singular
  4. Caspar CG
  5. Pixotope
  6. OSC
  7. Zero Density