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Change Log - Version 2.9.3

Release Date: 19/09/2022


Category Description
Remove horizontal scroll offset in Playlist
Macros Introduced Macros
Macros Import/Export for Settings Macros
Fix "edit profile channel" styles
Vizrt Fix - Empty payload does not take in
Vizrt Vizrt Transition Logic Update
Vizrt Set is sent twice on IN
Vizrt Added support to SoftClip control
Playlist Add Template Layer to columns
Playlist Fix title styles
Playlist Fix "Add Multiple templates to Playlist would issue same PageId to all added pages"
Playlist Fix "Take And Read Next does not scroll"
Playlist Fix tooltip height styles
Playlist Show page time
Playlist Add optio to filter with regex
Playlist Remove .umap in path column (UE)
Playlist Change Thumbnail minimum size
Playlist Scroll to callup page
Adding Clear command
UE Fix Command in Global layer are not being fired
UE Fixed bug where payload was empty after layer id was changed
UE Fixed bug where ControlActor default values were incorrect
Moved shortcuts to be user keyboard shortcuts
API Add Clear / Cleanup
Logs Add IP filter option
Added level filter to Template Manager
Fixed bug that prevented Show UI from loading
Reverted back to UE Live preview
Fix image context menu in table
Remote Add ability to load Show UI
Added option to Enable / disable a template in a combo
Show label of properties when in table structure
Fixed bug where Shell app stuck if showing message box at startup
Improved error if can't launch project
Fixed bug where Struct of a struct in a table didn't work
Fixed crash on import Array.Struct Struct
Fixed bug where Radio initial value did not show
Fixed issue where local preview stops working When reloaded (or reconnected) connection
Fixed bug when selecting a show it didn't show all templates
Adding info text with last 10 commits info in S3
Move logs to async
Change Start time in local time
Fix Backup/Restore not working with redundancy setup
Fixed bug in NumberControl small range and small step not behaving correctly
Fixed crash when data in NumberControl is not a number

UI Builder

Category Description
Fix table allowReorder
Add table property showIndex
Fix drag/drop with scrolled parent
Performance updates
Change toggle layers icon
Reduce spaces for info inputs
Add expand/collapse toggle for layers
Nested selection fixes
Drag/drop improvments
Fix recursive elements creation
Fix tabs removing issue
Added plyr media player
Added HLS support to play live media
Fix nested table header/footer position
Remove header from table if empty column
Fix resets layout size on page change
UI Updates of the Field tree
Improved magnetic fix
Fix bug in color picker where color would reset when dragging outside of the box
Fix issue where group default bakground color was shown on drag
Fix bug where there was a vertical offset in text
Add MediaType to MediaView
Add current user login/session to requests
Fixed bug where Events on Groups not being executed
Fixed bug where Color Props dont update value if typed in textbox
Allow period (.) in field id (for UE combo)
Fixed bug where Search breaks if adding "\" char
Added Field id in Cascade menu
Protect against deleted layer
Fixed crash when filtering in cascader
Fix radio button spacing


Category Description
Check if running by cached folder
Added fail-safe file copy
Default to 5 files copy at once
Force close file handles
Fix dropping requests to UE
Debug Cache Panel
Route UE commands
Fixed bug where Cache DB was not saved
Concurrent File IO Setting
Logs add padding in filter input
Improve status indication
Cache use value floor
verify sync
Verify access
Produce meaning full errors if failed to load/write db file
Fixed bug where Cache was initialized twice
Added overrides args
system info performance warnings


Category Description
Trim Asset name on update/upload
Assets logs code changes
Add more logs for error exceptions
Disable enter click in NameModal if there is an error
Fix for rename asset bug with spaces

Unreal Plugins

Category Description
Added support for TGA GrayScale & Indexed images
Faster tcp/udp message processing
Added Layers Folder Path Auto Conversion for 'PostLoad' Maps
Added support for Streaming Levels
AutoStart PIE moved to after first render frame (to let the UE load all what is needed)
Force read dynamic layers at begin play
Use targa lib to read files
Fix command interface to have /api
Added Exposed Levels Array
Dynamic Layer Check if layer is pending kill
Dynamic Layer Get controls from spawned ChildActorComponents
Dynamic Layer Added variations support by sequencer
Allow Empty Title/ID for Controls
Allow inheritance on BP Types
Destroy SequenceActor after jumping
reusable address for tcp server
Use short map paths instead of FSoftObjectPath
Move to json config instead of ini