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Control Manager


Control Manager helps users to easily find and manage all Erizos Control components in one window. It displays all Control Component's basic details.It enable users to move components from one layer to another, as well as modify its Control ID or Title/Name. To access the Control Manager, in the Unreal Engine toolbar, go to Window -> Control Manager.

access control manager


Control Manager's user interface consist of:

  1. Search () - Users can search Control Components by using it's Name or ID.
  2. Control Component ID - Users can modify the Control ID of the Control Component
  3. Control Component Title - Users can modify the Name or Title of the Control Component
  4. Control Component Type - Control Manager displays the type of Control Component
  5. Select/Search Control Component in World - Users can select or redirect to the selected Control Component using this button ()
  6. A Control Layer with child Control Components

control manager interface

Editing ID/Title

Control Manager lets users easily edit the ID or Title of components. to edit, double click the ID/Title of the component you want to modify.

control manager Edit

Assigning Component from one Layer to another

Control Manager lets users easily assign or reassign components from one Layer to another, to do this:

  1. Select the Control Component you want to move by grabbing the grip icon () control manager Move1
  2. Drag and drop the Component to the Layer you want to move the component to. control manager Move2
  3. The Component will be assigned to the new Layer immediately. control manager Move3