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Erizos MediaHub REST API Documentation


Erizos MediaHub has a built-in REST API that allows you to control all aspects of the application externally. This documentation describes the different components of the environment and the functions that can be executed on each of the components.

All the URLS in this document are appended to the IP address and PORT of Erizos MediaHub.


For example, if your installation of Erizos MediaHub is on the IP address, your endpoint will be:

Asset ID or Path

The MediaHub API has two methods to target an asset, either by using the Asset ID, or providing the path to the asset. In the API documentation, all requests that feature [ASSET ID] in the API request, can be replaced with the ASSET ID, or a combination of replacing "ASSET ID" with "browse" and appending the path variable, as an example, these two requests are identical:



/api/assets/browse?path=hub/parent folder/asset.jpg


The following table describes which port each serviece uses by default:

Service Port
MediaHub REST API 5600


MediaHub REST API does not require authentication.

Bugs & Errors

If you find any errors in the documentation or API please report them to