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Change Log - Version 2.10.2

Release Date: 15/03/2023


Category Description
Added Pasting pages in playlist will place them after selection
Fixed: Disabled UI if a Template is being used
Fixed: UI Builder: onShortcut was called only for Template UI
Fixed: Macro shortcuts does not work (e.g. Ctrl+Digit)
GlobalVariables Added option to subscribe to changes
Fixed: API to support any type of data (object / string / number ...)

UI Builder

Category Description
UIManager Hide changed time column for childrens
Expanded UIs by default


Category Description
Added option to force verify assets (always check if using latest asset)


Category Description
Fixed meta fields editing issue (asset-specific editing)

Unreal Plugins

Category Description
Added: ControlProperties - a list of controled properties as an indication
Fixed: Blueprint built in variables were exposed (such as Timeline variables)
Fixed: Control Window takes too long to load
Fixed: Setting data on some cases took too long to process
UEPlugins Better RCP server response
Fixed WebSocket not working without specifying protocol in client