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Shows and Pages


Templates should be imported into shows ahead of time by the designer. This ensure that operators have quick access to the show's templates, and use the correct templates for the show.

Import a Template from Template Browser

While preparing to a show you can follow these steps to import template from the template browser:


The render engine must be in on-air mode when importing templates from the template browser.

  1. Open the Template Manager at the top left of the playlist window.
  2. On the ‘template manager’ window - click “Show Templates Browser”
  3. Select the engine that contains the template you want to import
  4. Select the Unreal Level/Vizrt Scene/Singular Composition, and double click it to import.
  5. The imported template will popup at the right column of the Template Manager.
    Double click on the template you just imported (found at the right column).
    This will create a page in the Playlist.

create page