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Common issues and Troubleshooting

Permission Issues

Project Folder does not exist / File is not found

Project Folder does not Exist

When setting up your renderer, there are instances where the warning "Project Folder does not exist" shows up. What causes this is permission issues, this is common when working on shared network drives.

This can also happen when you are using the UI Builder API and the error "File is not Found" appears when trying to access a file.

The reason for this is Erizos Studio Server is a window service. by default, it runs as the windows SERVICE username causing issues to not have access to shared network drives.

To fix this, use UNC path so that the windows SYSTEM user can access it. you can ask windows to run Erizos Server Service as your current user.

To do this:

  1. Go to Windows Services (Run -> services.msc)
  2. Search for Erizos Studio Server
  3. Go to Log On
  4. Change "Log on as:" from "Local System Account" to "This Account:"
  5. Specify the Username and password (Make sure to include domain or ".\" if it is a local machine user)
  6. Apply the Changes and Restart the Erizos Studio Server

Change Studio Server User