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Erizos Studio REST API Documentation


Erizos Studio has a built-in REST API that allows you to control all aspects of the platform externally. This documentation describes the different components of the environment and the functions that can be executed on each of the components.

All the URLS in this doument are appended to the IP address and PORT of the Erizos Studio Server.


For example, if your installation of Erizos Studio Server is on the IP address, your endpoint will be:

Component Heirarchy

it is important to understand the heirarchy of the component in Erizos Studio before you begin to work with the API:

    |-- Templates
    |-- Profiles
    |  |-- Channels
    |-- Playlists 
       |-- Pages


The following table describes which port each service uses by default:

Service Port
Studio Server 5550
MediaHub 5600
DataHub 5050


All API requests requires an authentication.

Authentication can be a session token or the user credentials

Using a session token

Before executing an api request, a login to the system is required, server will return user data and a session token

POST /api/login

  "username": "myusername",
  "password": "MyPassword"
 "_id": "123456789012345678901234",
 "username": "myusername",
  "session": "d20c2c2a3ad88661"

all future requests should contain the session token as either a Bearer token authorization header or as a query parameter erizos-login



Without a session token

All requests should have the username password in either the Basic authorization header username:password encoded with base64 or as a query parameter auth (plain string)


Bugs & Errors

If you find any errors in the documentation or API please report them to