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MediaHub Settings: Settings

Under MediaHub → → setting you can change the following:


Media hub can work in 3 storage configurations:

  1. Database: Stores the media assets in the MediaHub Database.


    This is the recommended option.

  2. S3: option to store the assets in an AWS S3 Bucket in the cloud
    You will need to configure AWS S3 bucket by filling:

    1. Address
    2. Bucket (default is mediahub)
    3. Port (default 9000)
    4. Secret: Your AWS S3 Secret key


      For more information: AWS secret

    5. SSL: If you are using Secure Sockets Layer in your AWS you should enable this option.


Auto empty trash

You can set the trash bin, which you can find in media main interface, to delete files after set amount of time in trash.
Use the slider to set how many days MediaHub should keep files in trash, up to 100 days.
The default is 30 days.



'Auto Backup' - you can toggle this option on to enable MediaHub create backups.

After enabling backups you can set:

  1. Where to keep the backups files to be saved.
  2. What to backup: MediaHub settings, files or both.
  3. When will MediaHub schedule the backup.


    The backup schedule is using a Corn string format. For more information: corn string

  4. For how many days should a backup file be saved.



Don’t forget to click on 'Save Settings' in the top right when finished.