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System Overview

Components & Description

graph TB
  subgraph Erizos Studio Server
    A((SERVER))--- B[UI Builder];
    A --- C[(DataHub)];
    A --- J["MOS Gateway"];    

  subgraph Outputs
    A --> G[    Render Engines];
    A --> H[Agent];
    H --- I[("Local Cache")];

  subgraph MediaHub
    A --- F[MediaHub];
    F -.- L[("DB Storage")];

  F -.- M[("Network Storage")];
  F -.- N[("Cloud Storage")];

  J -.- K[NCRS];  

  E["Control Client(s)"] --- A;

  style A fill:#4b7cf3,color:#FFF,stroke:#3258b7
  style G fill:#8BC34A,stroke:#009688
  style H fill:#8BC34A,stroke:#009688
  style I fill:#8BC34A,stroke:#009688

  style F fill:#00faff1a,stroke:#008eff
  style L fill:#00faff1a,stroke:#008eff

  style K fill:#b1b1b11a,stroke:#898989
  style M fill:#b1b1b11a,stroke:#898989
  style N fill:#b1b1b11a,stroke:#898989
Component Icon Description
Erizos Studio Server --- The central component that handles the communication between the different components:
1. Communication with the Database
2. Communication between clients
3. MOS Integration
4. Logs & Backups
Erizos Studio Control Client(s) --- The Client is the main interfaced used to:
1. Create Rundowns
2. Create Pages of Content
3. Provide real time preview of pages in rundown
4. Trigger Graphics to the Render Engine

The Client is a windows application that runs a local render engine for real-time preview.
DataHub --- Datahub is the internal database used by the platform.
Datahub is installed as part of the Erizos Studio Server installation.
MediaHub --- Mediahub is the Graphics Asset Management (GAM) system to manage all the media assets (headshot/flags/icons/…) used in real-time graphics workflow.

Media hub can be installed and run on a Virtual machine
UI Builder A powerful HTML Drag & Drop editor for creating custom UIs.
The UI Builder can create custom user interfaces for templates or shows.
Agent The Erizos Studio Agent is a small service that is installed on all Render Engines. The main task of the agent is to manage the transfer of files from MediaHub to the render engine for playout.
In Unreal Engine workflows, that agent also caches the Unreal project locally on the render engines for playout.
In addition, the Agent also provides important information monitoring information about the local hard drive, CPU and GPU of the engine to help debug performance issues.


To login to the server use port 5550 -> “http://[SERVER IP]:5550”.
Or use the desktop shortcut.