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Change Log - Version 3.1

Release Date: 02/02/2024


Category Description
UI A refreshed icon for Erizos Studio.
New Feature Added CreativeHub Configurations in Renderer
New Feature Publish to Remote - a convenient feature that allows you to publish (send) shows to different Studio Servers on the same network.
New Feature Playlist Import - Now users can import playlists for improved workflow.
New Feature Folder Colors - Added ability to set the color of folders, allowing operators to quickly find items they need in the playlist.
Update Color Filter - Color filter was updated to allow filtering of folder by color.
Update Playlist now shows a green indicator to all Pages that are currently IN
Update Added new shortcut keys (Ctrl + + / Ctrl + -) for expanding/collapsing all folder groups in the Playlist.
Bug Fix Fixed the problem of Squashed Pages in MOS Browser.
Bug Fix Fixed the focus issue of the Textbox in the filter when using Split Playlist.
Bug Fix Resolved UI Elements and DataTable reordering issues.
Bug Fix Quicklookup now accurately jumps to the designated page.
Bug Fix When using Quicklookup, if the Page is inside a Folder/Group, the Folder is expanded
Bug Fix Vizrt can now supports huge split Payloads in Vizrt.
Bug Fix Deleting a Playlist with an active Filter no longer breaks the UI
Security Implemented more robust password encryption.
Logs Logs now display Log Group for clearer tracking. Users have the ability to show the log items in a grouped or flattened view.
MOS Added Filter to Dropdown in MOS filtering capabilities in MOS dropdowns.
Playlist Enhancements in the Playlist window's filter for better user experience.
UI Enhancement Template Manager now shows the Group(UE), Layer(Vizrt), or Logic Layer(Singular) Column of the Template
UI Enhancement Template Manager - New icons for Folders and Layers
UI Enhancement Context Menus in Playlist now shows the shortcut keys
UI Enhancement Modified Pages in Playlist now indicates if the Pages is not saved
Singular and CasparCG can now allow import without a local machine.

UI Builder

Category Description
New Icon A refreshed icon for UIBuilder.
Bug Fix Fixed a crash issue when using MetaData tags.
Bug Fix Fixed a crash issue when using the Alt modifier on a Tab component.
Bug Fix Fixed the issues with Vertex component width when it's locked/unlocked.
Bug Fix Prevented crashes when dragging an empty item.
Bug Fix Resolved the problem of being unable to reorder elements inside Tabs Components.
Bug Fix Resolved the UIBuilder crash when moving a Tab component with a single Tab
Bug Fix Module list is now correctly updated after loading a Revision.
Component Improvements Added Reset Value for Dial, Dropdown, Joystick, Knob, Number Input, Slider and Vertex Input.
Component Improvements Vertex input label changes for much responsive layout
Component Improvements Users can now modify multiple selected items, as long as they are of the same type.
MetaBrowser Improvements MetaBrowser has been revamped, now presented as a dropdown.
API New API for KeyboardShortcuts and GlobalVariable
API New API for Logs.
API Added a new API for Page Storage
Media/MediaBrowser Component Improvements: Users can now only show files that fit the indicated MetaData.
Revision Added Save Revision and Import UI in Revisions, along with date and time indicators.
Revision Users can now delete revisions for better revision management.
UI Enhancement Changed the Anchor Dropdown icons and indicator
Component Improvements Dropdown values now support an allow-clear option.
States of groups in Properties panel is now stored per user


Category Description
New Icon A refreshed icon for Agent.
Bug Fix Resolved the issue of the side menu missing.


Category Description
New Icon A refreshed icon for MediaHub.
Bug Fix Fixed a bug in ElasticSearch mappings for better search performance.
Bug Fix Fixed the issue where Auto ingest failed to store the selected folder path
Bug Fix Resolved the issue where searching with an "_" did not work.
Search Improvement Improved search functionality by listing files located in the folder first.
UI Enhancement Restart Button is moved to be consistent with other UI

Unreal Plugins

Category Description
ContorlActor Static Component is now automatically set to Movable