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Erizos Dynamic Folder


The Dynamic Folders feature allows you to create engine specfic content. Using Dynamic Folders is as simple as creating subfolders corresponding to specific IP addresses or machine names.


To set this up:

  1. Inside your Unreal Engine Project. under Contents, create a new folder named "_ERIZOS_DYNAMIC"
  2. Inside the "_ERIZOS_DYNAMIC" folder, create and name subfolders according to the IP addresses or machine names of the engines where the content should be dynamically spawned. Ensure that the names of the machines correspond with the names configured in the Profile of Erizos Studio.
  3. When the project runs, Erizos Studio dynamically spawns the content of the "_ERIZOS_DYNAMIC" directory. Only folders matching the IP address/machine name are spawned wherever that Project is being used.


Dynamic Folders Example

In the example above, we have:

  • Two engines with the IP addresses and
  • Two subfolders in the _ERIZOS_DYNAMIC folder, with the corresponding IP address of our engines.
  • In this project we have a /Content/Materials folder with a Master_Color file.
  • In each of our engine folders, we have a /_ERIZOS_DYNAMIC/[]/Materials folder, also containing a Master_Color file.

When the project is launched, in the engine, for example, the /Content/Materials/Master_Color file will be replaced with the /Content/_ERIZOS_DYNAMIC/192_168_0_1/Materials/Master_Color file.


Unreal Engines does not allow folder names to include a period (.), therefore we need to use underscores when using an IP address. for example, the folder for will be names 192_168_0_1


You can use sub folders in the _ERIZOS_DYNAMIC folder, these subfolders will be copied to the relative path in the contents folder. For example, /Content/_ERIZOS_DYNAMIC/192_168_0_1/Materials/subFolder/MyFile will be spawned to /Content/Materials/subFolder/MyFile