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Creating Shows

For a description of a "Show" please refer to the Terminology page

Create a Show when no Show is available

When no show is available in Erizos Studio, users will be greeted with 3 options as shown in the screenshot below. create show splash

  1. Start New Show- Create a new Show
    start new show splash
  2. Open Existing Show - Open the Show Manager where users can create or import Shows
  3. Settings - Open the Settings menu

Create a new Show using Show Manager

  1. Click on the top left folder icon in the playlist window.
    This will open the Shows Manager

  2. In the Shows Manager window click on the Plus icon.
    This will create a new Show and add it to the list

  3. Rename the show by double clicking on the show name, or right click the show and select "rename".

  4. Double click on the selected show to open it or click on “Open show”
  5. An indication of the active show can be found at the bottom of the screen

create show